“Part Of This” is poignant pop that wears its emotions on its sleeve, from UK singer/songwriter @Jazz__Mino

JAZZ MINO, “Part Of This”

Following “New Girlfriend” and particularly the outstanding “Like A Drunk Girl” (which peaked at #11 on my personal chart) is “Part Of This” by British singer/songwriter Jazz Mino.  It’s theme is about being excluded, which hits home in particular in the last part of the song, which touches on being on the receiving end of a crumbling relationship.  The song relies on Jazz Mino’s gentle, personable, but direct vocal to tell her story over a minimal mainly electronic arrangement with some well-placed guitar work.  Despite its story, “Part Of This” doesn’t come off as a downer.  Like several of her other songs, Jazz Mino offers well-meaning perspective to which many listeners will relate, and this makes her songs easily stand out from the rest.