Meet alt.pop newcomer @Hogerofficial with “Same Mistakes”

HOGER, “Same Mistakes”

Hoger is a new bedroom singer/songwriter/musician who took a lot of learning into his own hands a few years ago, and started self-producing his own music last year.  Concurrently, he has also started his own song publishing company for his own music and that of others.  Although his bio doesn’t say where he’s from, I would gather that it’s England.  His latest single is a grower called “Same Mistakes”.  And it’s a grower because you need to set aside the time to get to know the story of the song.  “Same Mistakes” is about knowing that you keep getting into toxic relationships – and continue letting them happen.  This is applicable to other events in our lives, but those come without the fatal flaw – that you continue to think you’re in love.  Hoger has beautiful quiet tones to his voice, but when the song comes to a head, his tone is sharper and raw.  However it all suits “Same Mistakes” quite well – spend some time with it and you will be rewarded.