Go with the flow of “All The Waves” by NYC-based Australia born singer/songwriter @ValenciaJamestw


When I wrote about a release by Valencia James last year, I compared the power in her voice to Lady Gaga.  And while that may be so on that song (“Flames”), in her latest called “All The Waves”, it’s like Dua Lipa meets Sarah McLachlan.  Her soundscape and vivid, memorable lyrics, about working through tough times to bring out the best in us, instantly recall the music of the latter, while her current pop flair recalls the former.  There’s no doubt that it’s an interesting blend which all works well together.  Give “All The Waves” a few spins and add it to a playlist that might also include Kate Bush, The Pretenders, and Annie Lennox where you can definitely appreciate the diversity of a singer like Valencia James.