Promises promises: @RobbieRosenlive and @KaceyFifield ponder love and devotion in electro-ballad stunner “Last Breath”


The time couldn’t be more right for an electro ballad like no other out there right now.  American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen (recently heard on Saxity’s “Fantasy”) and the award-winning Kacey Fifield, who has been performing since she was 10, come together with an original composition that they co-wrote called “Last Breath”.  The song looks back on broken promises made when relationships end, and how they may have been sincere at the time. It also ponders what person will actually be with you when it comes down to your own last breath.  The song’s many subtleties hold up all the way through until some final delicate moments.  The pair could not sing better together, and Kacey is one helluva impressive singer to watch for at only 15 years old.  So, no it’s not a love song – it has its own dynamic which will catch you off guard.  Don’t be too surprised if you’re full of deep sighs and oohs and ahs at the sincere appeal of “Last Breath”.