Meet NYC-based singer @Kerensound whose evocative single “Talisman” casts its own classic pop spell

KÉREN, “Talisman”

Educated at Berklee College and travelling worldwide with symphony orchestras brings a richness to the music of NYC-based singer Kéren with her recent single “Talisman” from her new 6-song album In Form.  Kéren sounds like so many classic alternative and pop singers at different times – Adele, Amy Winehouse, Sade, Björk – yet has also achieved her own sound through the crisp and compelling clarity of her voice and the subtle yet layered arrangement of her music.  “Talisman” is a song that could be set to a cinescape of images for even better effect. Kéren’s worldly music seems to want to unfold a set of stories that will be fit for the ages.  “Talisman” has numerous indelible and mystical qualities about it that warmly pull you in to enjoy.