UK singer/songwriter @JamesPoole_ returns with the pleasing pop of “Hope You’ll Be There Soon”

JAMES POOLE, “Hope You’ll Be There Soon”

Whenever UK singer/songwriter James Poole creates new music, it always draws me in for one reason or another.  Often, it’s in the way he uses his voice, whether it’s the falsetto in the funkiness of “Goodness Gracious” or its raw power in “I Am Lion”.  In “Hope You’ll Be There Soon” it’s a restrained head voice vocal over a mainly acoustic pop backdrop.  Yes, it sounds rather simple at the end of the day but in actuality it takes a lot to make it sound so effortless.  The gentle, positive message of the song wouldn’t work as well without it either.  “Hope You’ll Be There Soon” reminds me of when I first heard James’ voice many years ago when he was recording covers on You Tube.  If you haven’t heard James’ music before, be sure to check this one out as well as the songs in his album Humanity released last year.