Check out the soothing electronic pop/dance style of L.A.’s @thisisRobTirea with “Deaf and Stellar”

ROB TIREA, “Deaf and Stellar”

L.A.’s Rob Tirea is a rising songwriter and producer who has recently also taken on vocal duties for his releases, after a number of previous songs with other vocalists – notably Jeremy Beamish of Australia’s The Beamish Brothers – or producers – I wrote about his work with Emirati producers Revelries on “Blue” last year.  And like “Blue”, “Deaf and Stellar” is another fine slice of left-of-centre electronic dance/pop.  The song seems rather cryptic at times, with its unusual song title, but what I get out of it is a positive spin on life after a relationship has ended.  Rob has an easy going tenor voice and the melody is soothing to accompany its earnest lyrics.  “Deaf and Stellar” won’t resonate with you immediately, and I don’t think that’s its intention either, so do stick with it.