L.A.-based “dream pop” singer/songwriter @tinydeaths releases quietly captivating “The Jump”

tiny deaths, “The Jump”

tiny deaths is a new “dream pop” project created by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Claire de Lune with producer Grant Cutler.  From the new EP If I’m Dreaming comes “The Jump”, a quietly captivating observation on the attraction and ‘what if?’ moments we have with fame.  With its minimalist drum beat pulsating throughout, “The Jump” has hypnotic qualities, with Claire’s attractive and smooth voice being the star of the show.  Electronic music fans of this new sub-genre will undoubtedly be impressed and tiny deaths appears to be moving in an intriguing direction.  Check out the video above featuring dancer Desaré Cox to give you more insight into the song.  PS there’s a Shania Twain ‘easter egg’ in the song … *hint* it’s the title of one of her songs 🙂