L.A.’s Brandyn Burnette @EMAN8 is riding a cool R&B/hip hop groove with “Airplane Mode”


“Airplane Mode” is the title track from the recent four-song EP by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette. As faithful readers of this blog already know, Brandyn records both under his own name and under EMAN8 – in fact he also almost concurrently released a bluesy, more hip-hop flavoured album under that moniker called Heaven On A Cloudy Day.  “Airplane Mode” is more pop-oriented R&B, and I’m glad Brandyn has found that he can flesh out what he loves to do successfully under both identities.  Like previous single “Rolling Papers”, also featured in the EP, this is the most fun Brandyn has sounded in quite some time.  His verses couldn’t be better and always take you places you don’t expect, as he balances light-heartedness with some pointed messaging too.  While “Airplane Mode” is the highlight of the EP, I also have to give props to “Luh U” for being so direct about relationships being a two-way street. But do make sure you spin all four songs, which play together like a top-notch mixtape.