Listen to the sublime pop vocal and arrangement in “Dust On The Wind” by UK singer/songwriter @JamesPoole_

JAMES POOLE, “Dust On The Wind”

It was only a few weeks back when I featured “Hope You’ll Be Here Soon” by UK singer/songwriter James Poole, about whom I’ve written much over the last six years or so.  I called that song a return to the vocal pop style of his You Tube days.  “Dust On The Wind” isn’t as light or cheery as “Hope”, not what you would expect as a follow up. In fact, it’s a song you can visualize being sung at a Broadway theatre, with James’ sublimely rich tenor being the star attraction here. It’s a commanding, chill-inducing, somewhat traditional pop performance that passes here as a variation of alt.pop, and the taut and sparse arrangement couldn’t be more fitting.  I could listen to songs like this for hours on end.  James is ever the musical chameleon, so he’ll keep us guessing for the next one. But I will definitely take a release like “Dust On The Wind” any time!!