Introducing Maryland’s @BINNYiscoming with the bedroom indie R&B/pop of “Prime”

BINNY, “Prime”

BINNY is a new Asian-American bedroom indie singer/songwriter from Maryland who pulls from contemporary pop and R&B influences to deliver a snappy sound that relies heavily on his vocal delivery.  The production in “Prime” is pretty minimal, with beats that have been heard in countless other recordings.  But BINNY makes the most of these basic trappings to showcase his smooth, clever vocals.  Justin Timberlake is an obvious reference in this song, particularly from his “SexyBack” era, though BINNY has a richer, deeper tone.  A brief sung/spoken interlude immediately brings BTS to mind, and some vocal effects are inserted to bring the song to a close.  BINNY clearly intends to take you on a journey with his music and “Prime” is a great starting point.