Seminal UK electronic music group @Faithless returns with “Synthesizer” featuring @NathanBallHQ in a @cometoButch remix

FAITHLESS and NATHAN BALL, “Synthesizer” (original and Butch remix)

Their music has lived on in dance clubs for over 20 years, but British electronic music legends Faithless hadn’t released an album of new songs for 13 years until All Blessed surfaced this year.  It’s an adventurous and atypical record which, like Inner City, brings back strong techno flavours to the 2020 music scene.  l had to go back to “Synthesizer” (original mix and video edit, both above) a few times before I realized it was the highlight of the album.  Led by a wicked vocal by British singer Nathan Ball, it’s accompanied by a droll sense of humour in its lyrics, an unconventional arrangement, and luminous synths that show that Faithless continue to be electronic wizards of the best order.  Its recent remix by Butch (below) strips away some of its unconventional layers in favour perhaps of a tight, fluid mix more suited to dance music radio.  Both versions stand on their own merits and are most worth of dance music fans’ attention.