“B4U” offers a glimpse of another side of L.A.-based performer @KINGMALAmusic


I’ve written a few times this past year about L.A.-based singer/songwriter KING MALA, who I’ve described as having a tough exterior and aggressive alt.rock style (“KING MALA” means “bad bitch” in Spanish).  “B4U” sheds some new light on that persona, and it’s culled from her recent EP Gemini, whose title offers somewhat of a giveaway (and being a Gemini myself, I know a lot about it!).  “B4U” is softer in vocal approach – kind of Suzanne Vega meets Amy Winehouse at times – but doesn’t hesitate to make deliberate choices in harsher words that create some vivid imagery, which delivers a song that is both vulnerable and unapologetic.  KING MALA’s unconventional, thought-provoking approach is something to continue to watch in 2021.