Meet London-based Ukrainian electronic producer/songwriter @Sleep_woka with “Together We Are”

SLEEPWOKA, “Together We Are”

“Together We Are” calls for a united, loving front for all music listeners around the world during these strange times.  Its passionate lyrics are brought to you by new London-based Ukrainian producer Sleepwoka, who creates retrotastic soundscapes using analog synthesizers that take you back to the early 80’s new wave days of Depeche Mode and Simple Minds. He plays on the rock elements of that style rather than fusing it with more contemporary dance or house flavours.  The vocal tones are rather simple but expressive at times in order to stress the important message of the song, which gives it kind of a ‘root for the underdog’ appeal. With only a handful of singles on release since 2019, Sleepwoka has latched onto a good thing that is worth following.