Check out the sizzling fun techno of “Laser Beams” by German legend @Moguai, UK/Canadian producers @realFutureKings and the big voice of @MOYAangela


During the past year of so, more and more 90’s-inspired techno has been finding its way into today’s electronic dance music.  And when this mix works, it’s an absolutely refreshing blast.  Faster than you can say The KLF and 808 State, “Laser Beams” is a pretty manic production led by German veteran producer Moguai, who has most recently worked with people like Tomcraft and Cheat Codes.  Add relative newcomers, UK/Canadian production duo Future Kings, who saw releases last year with a pair of superstar vocalists, Karen Harding and Kelli-Leigh.  But the wild card whose voice totally buys into these fun shenanigans is Broadway star and America’s Got Talent semi-finalist MOYA.  Her potent vocal takes control and makes you imagine a wacked out disco where laser beams ignite the dancefloor.  It’s not for everyone, but “Laser Beams” is a good one for club DJ’s and festival performers to remember once they return to business.