Renown French producer @Tchami remixes “Freefall” by @whethanmusic and @olivertree into a hybrid rock-dance anthem

WHETHAN and OLIVER TREE, “Freefall” (Tchami remix)

More so over the last few years than ever, electronic dance music has been mingling quite favourably with other genres of music. One could say, for example, that the ‘sadboi’ style is a fusion of progressive rock and electronic dance. Chicago producer Whethan released his album Fantasy last year, which spans the gamut, featuring a variety of other artists.  Like last year’s infectious “All In My Head”, which featured Canadian singer/songwriter grandson, “Freefall” is alt.rock at its roots, this time relying on vocals by the often outrageous Oliver Tree.  Masterful French producer Tchami has managed to temper the rock flavours in favour of a dynamite deep house mix, and it works extremely well.  In fact, the remix likely turns “Freefall” into more of an emotional anthem than in its original version, since it leaves Oliver’s vocals intact and surrounds them with big, super fun beats.  So you can call “Freefall” new alt.rock electronic dance fusion at its best!