Feel-good song of the winter: “Push Up The Fader” by NYC’s @SIRPAUL

SIRPAUL, “Push Up The Fader”

“Push Up The Fader” has got a vibrant, contagious enthusiasm about it, as brought to you by the singer/songwriter who knows NYC dance music the best, SIRPAUL!  It follows up last year’s retro-sounding “Out Of Our Minds”, which was his first song in four years, and will also appear on his upcoming album Escapist Behavior.  And there’s good reason for the giddiness in “Fader”. 

SIRPAUL says: “I heard all of this really loud noise happening outside. I realized it was 7 pm and that the sound was everyone cheering for the essential workers. After feeling so isolated during [lockdown], 7 pm had become a moment I looked forward to every night. It was one of the only times when I felt connected to the rest of the world during such a difficult time. I stopped recording and ran out to join in. It was unusually loud that night and some people were banging pots and pans together. Some of my neighbors must be musicians as well because they were playing some really dope beats! I grabbed my phone and started recording while we all were cheering. You can hear that moment in the breakdown ofPush Up The Fader. It gives me the chills every time I hear it.”

Music is here for you to release and put your head (and feet) in another space.  “Push Up The Fader” is guaranteed to do just that, and I look forward to what’s next from the upcoming album!