Australia’s Beamish Brothers take on corporate greed in “Dollar At The Heart”


Australia’s Ben and Jeremy Beamish continue to prove that they, as The Beamish Brothers, are talents to keep your eyes and ears on with their latest alt.pop/rock single “Dollar At The Heart”.  Once again using soul-flavoured melodies and provocative, well-thought lyrics as with their last release “Nature”, the brothers keep sounding better with each song – Jeremy’s vocal runs and Ben’s almost acapella solo in particular being highlights.  “Dollar At The Heart” is timely because it focuses on corporate greed, something that doesn’t even let up for a second during a pandemic when so many people are living in recessions and when some are losing everything they have.  As a counterpoint to the serious subject matter, the video for “Dollar At The Heart”, which appears to be set in the 80’s given the fashion, telephones, and computer work stations, is a hoot as office workers unite to bring down the big cheese. Ahhh, fantasy 😉