Canadian producer @Kayliox returns with the melodic deep house of “Lost Control” with Victor Perry @wallflowerperry on vocals


Quebec’s Kayliox cemented himself in the electronic dance music scene in the mid 2010’s with a steady stream of fresh songs and remixes as well as club and festival appearances around the world, including at Tomorrow World and Paradiso.  After a bit of a break and becoming a master sound engineer, Kayliox returns with the soulful deep house of “Lost Control”.  From its piano beginnings till its last sung note, it’s 2:48 of pop bliss – if you’re in the mood for something lyrical and melodic, or a club banger, it’s all tidily rolled into one.  The icing on the cake is Victor Perry’s sweet, varied vocal, which has a few showcase moments unto itself and is decidedly different from his lovely new solo song “Stories”.  The chemistry between Kayliox’s beats and synths and Victor’s singing is of such high calibre that I’m sure we’ll hear it again sometime soon.