Life in lockdown = “World’s A Bitch” by Canadian synthpop project @ChurchofTrees with Rough Trade’s @CarolePope and Spoons/Honeymoon Suite’s @RobPreussx

CHURCH OF TREES and rOb PreuSS and CAROLE POPE , “World’s A Bitch”

Nothing could mirror the truth more right now, for those of us in lockdown, than the sentiments expressed in “World’s A Bitch”.  The song is a total rocking blast from Canadian synthpop project Church Of Trees, and it’s co-written with (and of course sung by) the legendary Carole Pope of Rough Trade, as well as Spoons/Honeymoon Suite keyboard wizard Rob Preuss.  Carole’s patented expressively potent vocal, and the hard-hitting lyrics embody a great release for all of the uncertainty we face during the pandemic.  Rob is now a revered Broadway musical director in NYC, and has worked with Church Of Trees for a few years now (you can hear some of his remixes of their past releases) as well as on Carole’s last album Landfall, so there’s precise, rich instrumentation behind it all.  “World’s A Bitch” is a timely, honest blend of solid Canadian talents.  A video is coming soon!