Get to know UK alt.rock singer/songwriter Nathan Day @spacethang with “She Came Down From The Stars”

NATHAN DAY, “She Came Down From The Stars”

Nathan Day is a new solo performer from the UK who previously led the band Darlia, which opened for The 1975 on tour, among others.  His single “She Came Down From The Stars” – great title, eye-catching video too – should be put on the radar for those who enjoy 90’s flavoured alt.rock with electronic flourishes.  His voice will appeal to fans of Nirvana, Radiohead, Oasis, and The Verve, and “She Came Down” is definitely a grower, one that will stand out on alt.rock radio stations and generate texts and emails inquiring about the performer.  Look for a slow build on this one.  Talents like Nathan Day need time to be nurtured with the public, and the kickstart will be when fans look for it to be played on the radio and for placements on popular rock streaming playlists.