L.A. singer/songwriter @Emelinemusic takes control of the end of a relationship in “6 foot deep”

EMELINE, “6 foot deep”

The thought of knowing that a relationship is over puts dread into most people’s minds. L.A.-based alt.rock singer/songwriter Emeline has other ideas though, in her latest release “6 foot deep”.  Through her own songs and initiatives as well as that of side project GARZA, Emeline brings forward messages of hope and empowerment.  “6 foot deep” is about realizing a relationship is dead before your partner does. You know all of the signs and reasons, but s/he likely does not.  It’s powerfully enacted in the entertaining video, in which Emeline dons various personas where she is in control of her own destiny, whether the absent partner understands or not – when you’re “6 foot deep” its time to move on before you suffocate. The song is well-executed and compelling, and I would pitch to fans of Halsey, Lorde, and Hayley Williams, who are most likely to embrace the free-flowing music of Emeline.