“Back To That” by L.A.-based singer/songwriter @JaredLeemusic gets a gorgeous acoustic redux

JARED LEE, “Back To That” (acoustic)

A while back, Jared Lee released his pop single “Back To That”, and somehow it didn’t seem to stand out in the current crowded music environment. Enter the brilliant idea to strip everything away and make an acoustic rendition of it, and suddenly “Back To That” has immense appeal.  Jared’s premium voice has been showcased in a number of my blog posts already, but an acoustic track is supposed to be where a great voice stands out even more.  And this version of “Back to That” not only succeeds in that department, but it shows what a lovely and affecting song it can be without all of the accoutrements. So I’ll give major props to releasing this acoustic version of “Back To That” – now someone just needs to promote the hell out of it! To help keep that point going, check out Jared’s acoustic version of his song with Midnight Kids, “Those Were The Days”, in the video below.