French-American rock singer/songwriter @NordiBlu returns with taut, anthemic “Eye Of The Hurricane”

NORDI BLU, “Eye Of The Hurricane”

I wrote about Nordi Blu’s powerful debut single “Skin” back in 2019, and the promise of more music from the talented French-American (but Berlin-raised) singer/songwriter who had previously placed in the quarter-finals of “The Voice Of Germany” TV contest had to wait two years, which can be a long time in the fast moving music industry. Needless to say, she has picked up where she left off with “Eye Of The Hurricane”.  Singers in the rock genre often don’t have polished voices with great tones, and that is where Nordi Blu has a noteworthy advantage. Her vocal allows “Eye” to be a better-than-average anthem, while contributing heavily to its taut, commanding atmosphere.  I would love to see Nordi Blu duet with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and hear them both blow the house down!  Now that she’s back, I hope we’ll get to listen to more fine new songs from Nordi Blu this year.