Virginia’s @officialLZRD and Nashville’s @SamTinnesz aim for a pop-dance classic with “When We Love”

LZRD and SAM TINNESZ, “When We Love”

When you first hear “When We Love”, your initial reaction will be one of familiarity, but the good kind, based on classic pop-dance song structure.  So undoubtedly Virginia producer LZRD and vocalist Sam Tinnesz are out to turn heads with “When We Love”.  And it works just fine – the production is very European-oriented, with retro vibes from 10 years ago in particular, and Sam’s voice soaring with the best of them.  Although LZRD has been releasing songs, and especially remixes (for names like Kygo and 3LAU, no biggie 😉 ), over the past few years, I know him from a throwback fave from 2016 that I still play a lot called “Take Me Apart” (which reached #5 on my chart). While I’m not familiar by name with Sam Tinnesz, judging by his credits, we probably all are, with numerous TV placements on dozens of shows, previous credits working with the likes of Super Duper, Yacht Money, and Built By Titan, and one song approaching 100 million streams.  “When We Love” is magnetic and enjoyable, and you’ll want to keep spinning this one.