Check out the new electronic alt.rock single from Spokane’s @__BLAZAR__ with “Enough” with @DJChophead


“When is enough?” From its first thirty seconds, you’ll be pondering what is coming up next in the latest single by Spokane, Washington native BLAZAR along with co-producer DJ Chophead called “Enough”, for Anti-Fragile Music through Universal.  Its immediate, brusque start may seem polarizing, but “Enough” is anything but that.  There’s a lot of creativity in this production, which BLAZAR can describe himself for you quite aptly: 

“The song is really about the zeitgeist of the world, we’ve all had enough, 2020 was hard, it felt like collective anxiety on a global level as we all sit in isolation.”

The music is a blend of rock with progressive electronica and effects, but strip away the latter and there’s a sincere melodic style that reflects on BLAZAR’s songwriting skills. Otherwise known as pop singer/songwriter Jerad Finck, BLAZAR previously won the grand prize in the USA Songwriting Championship, also won by the likes of Meghan Trainor and American Authors.  Vocally, his now-edgy alt.rock style could blend in easily sandwiched between Green Day or grandson, and wins you over after the first minute thanks to some very touching, raw qualities. Overall “Enough” is intentionally quite a grab bag, but its ability to reach out to your senses and draw you in makes it a unique and promising listen.