L.A.-based teen pop singer/songwriter @KaceyFifield is back with thoughtful solo release “Confused”


Kacey Fifield is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from L.A. whose burgeoning talent is popping in 2021.  “Confused” is her second release for Tipsy Records, following up last year’s uncharacteristic and unique duet with Robbie Rosen called “Last Breath”.  “Confused” is a thoughtful electronic ballad that should capture the ears of many listeners within her age range. Its relatable words pinpoint the feelings of many teens and young adults in these unusual times who are trying their best to cope with the demands of relationships, social media, puberty, school, work, and more. Kacey sings right from the heart, there is no embellishing, and she is fortunate to have ongoing guidance with her music from friend, occasional co-writer and producer Robbie.  Kacey is well-established in social media circles and her fans should flock to the authenticity of “Confused”.