Meet new British/American singer @Mearamusica with baroque-flavoured pop of “Blackbird”

MEARA, “Blackbird”

Although Meara McIntyre Train is not a new name for those who have seen her perform on Broadway, The Today Show, or at Madison Square Garden. But unveiled as pop singer MEARA, she offers a commanding introduction with her debut single “Blackbird”.  Co-written with producer Max Mostley and Norma Jean Martine, the song’s sweet introduction leads into a dark tale as the protagonist is led on an adventure of self-discovery by the title character.  MEARA’s beautifully controlled voice is offset by a baroque-flavoured arrangement reminiscent of songs from Florence & The Machine’s first album.  Though there are similarities to other gifted performers, MEARA makes this quasi-supernatural but uplifting style her own – a strange, almost whispered vocal later in the song will catch you off guard.  “Blackbird” speeds by in its four minutes and that itself is a tribute to the fine songwriting and compelling performance.