Russian production duo M.O.O.N. Pro and British singer @JoeJurymusic team up for zesty, emotional pop/dance of “Feel”

M.O.O.N. Pro and Joe Jury, “Feel”

“Feel” is the collaboration of Russian production duo M.O.O.N. Pro and British singer/songwriter Joe Jury, who have created an emotional  pop/dance track that’s very deserving of your attention.  Its a timely plea for us not to conceal our emotions when you’ve found someone special and want to hang on to them.  Certainly it’s about enjoying the ride and escaping, but it’s all about keeping it real.  Joe has a spectacular vocal range in this deep house setting, considering his halcyon days were more associated with rock and folk styles.  His voice glides over the warm synths and memorable melody (note too that M.O.O.N. happens to be an acronym for “melody of our night”), allowing all of the positives in the message to be front and centre.  “Feel” has also been released in a more fluid club mix, below, that will keep those toes tapping.