#BILLCSTop30 #611, April 12/21

The chart is shaken and stirred with a lot more vibrant activity than usual!  The favourites of winter are now moving on and making way for the spring upstarts.  In this chart, we have five debuts and a new #1 song.  At the turn of the last decade, I was charting an awful lot of performers with multiple songs from their albums or EP’s.  That time is returning… and unfortunately radio stays the same ol’ same ol’ – Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” took weeks before it was a #1 radio hit.  In any event, I think you’ll enjoy this chart in particular and be sure to check out the songs!!

L.A.-based electronic dance producer Mahalo obtains his second #1 song on the chart with “Not Watching Anymore” (above).  Mahalo has been a mainstay on my chart for the last five years, and his first #1 occurred in 2017 with “Perfect” featuring Canadian singer/co-writer Cat Lewis.  Mahalo has an even better chart week with his latest single “Got That Love” (below), which is the Highest Debut on the chart at #22.  Both productions are in the deep house vein but still quite different from each other, “Watching” sung by a woman, and “Got” sung by a man (both uncredited).

It doesn’t happen too often, but the Fastest Riser on the chart moves up from 15-3, and it’s the absolutely smoking deep house anthem “No More Looking Back”.  The song is brought to you by the partnership of actor/producer Idris Elba and Kevin Saunderson and his revamped Inner City, with a magnificent vocal by singer Steffanie Christi’an.  

These past few weeks I have needed my regular dose of “Jealous” by French producer Wizzay”, which climbs 7-5 from his EP Who I Am?

While Victor Perry’s collaboration with German producers Cal1 and L’essay, his ballad called “Stories” (above), gets snug in the Top 10 moving up 8-6, his second entry with Italy’s Lordnox races toward the Top 10.  The upbeat house track “Myself In You” (below) soars 24-17.

It’s still more than a week away, but Porter Robinson’s long-awaited Nurture album arrives on April 23, and from it, “Look At The Sky” becomes his second Top 10 on my chart, moving 13-8.

Robbie Rosen is a name you’ve been seeing often in my blog for the last 4 or 5 months, and you’ll have to get used to seeing it even more.  The “American Idol” contestant is a rarity – turning out high quality music in huge quantities so far this year!  So, expecting no less, his recent banger with Norway’s Dunisco called “When I Lost You” (above) glides 19-13, while his work with Canada’s MADA and German newcomer production duo inLU called “Habits” (below) bows at #28.

The return of Sweden’s Eric Saade is eyeing another Top 10 placement for him with the Melodifestivalen finalist “Every Minute” vaulting 21-13.

I’m digging how “American Cliché” by Finneas rocks out, definitely one for which you need to turn up your speakers, and it climbs 26-21.

Karen Harding’s latest with UK producer Shift K3Y, the zippy “Morning”, moves up 27-22.

Another brilliant debut this week is a welcome return of Australia’s Peter Wilson and England’s Sean Smith singing together.  While last time it was on the marvelous original “Verona”, this time it’s on a worthy cover choice of the late Robert Miles’ “One And One”, which arrives at #25.  Currently it appears on Peter’s new album Electricity, but will be available as a single with dance mixes later in the week!

Like Gareth Emery’s “You’ll Be OK” last year, “Shine A Light” by France’s 2 Thunders with L.A. based singer/songwriter OMZ combines a touching story about being close to dying with an upbeat 90’s house-flavoured melody.  It debuts at #26.

The fifth debut is by British Columbia’s Tyler Shaw, following up last year’s “Remember”, which peaked at #9.  Bowing at #27 is the Dzeko remix of “When You’re Home”, which totally suits this darker deep house mix from its original pensive ballad format.

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