Malaysian-American pop band Beat The System @BTSystemBand returns with the satisfying “Chasing The High”

BEAT THE SYSTEM, “Chasing The High”

We last heard from Malaysian-NYC band Beat The System when they released their full length album Journey in 2019, largely a compilation of previous singles which rounded out another phase of the band, who have been making music since 2005.  Taking some time off to focus on their sound, the group returns with “Chasing The High”.  There are nothing but good vibes in this song, where you can relish chasing your dreams and reaching that special ‘high’ in your life.  With the addition of new vocalist, 2020 “American Idol” contestant Shannon Gibbons, the sound of Beat The System is lighter, brighter and tighter, with some airy synths playing a key role in the song’s hook.  The rest of Beat The System continues to be guitarist Stewart Sellan, his brother drummer Gerald Sellan, and composer Adrian Puan.

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