L.A.-based duo @OYLSdotnet help destigmatize mental illness through “Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)”

OYLS, “Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)”

Like a few other artists who reflect on these difficult pandemic times, new L.A.-based duo OYLS focus on the state of our mental health with “Netflix (Your Product Is Too Good)”.  The video for the song, starring actor Danny Trejo, has the protagonist staying up late binging on Netflix shows while he vulnerably contemplates his own sanity.  With lockdowns still in force in much of the world, we know how this feels as the days blur into each other, and we develop a complacent routine that could have an impact on many of us in the long run.  The vocal for this alt.pop song is totally soaked in the quieter side of Prince’s “Purple Rain” era and the song is an unexpected earworm whose title is never mentioned.  “Netflix” is OYLS’ third in a series of eight episodes which form a “pop opera” which will be released throughout 2021.