Ireland’s @iamFourNights delivers a piano ballad from the heart, “Not This Time”

FOUR NIGHTS, “Not This Time”

After previously being part of a rock band, late last year Tommy Buckley branched out on his own with three singles under the guise of Four Nights.  One of those songs, “Want You Always” is resplendent in 80’s pop sensibility and currently resides at #11 on my personal chart.  “Not This Time” is a heartfelt piano ballad with a strong build up that never goes over the top. Tommy’s story is easily identifiable to anyone who listens and is carried by a vocal whose appeal relies on its authenticity.  The music of Four Nights isn’t flashy and doesn’t look to the latest trends to attract listeners.  “Not This Time” is an example of solid pop with interesting songwriting that’s produced to accentuate Tommy’s strengths, and cuts through the dross in much of today’s pop on its own merits.