Meet Toronto teen singer/songwriter Cmagic5 @5cmagic with sophisticated and danceable “Love Me If You Can”

Cmagic5, “Love Me If You Can”

“Love Me If You Can” is one of those songs that immediately prompts your ears to perk up when you hear it.  And when you find out that the singer/songwriter, Toronto’s Cmagic5, is still a teenager with such a well-honed voice, then you can see that there is enormous potential in her vision of creating dance/pop with a message and a sophisticated backdrop beyond her years.  While this singer of Portuguese heritage won’t reveal her name just yet, Cmagic5’s moniker includes her actual first initial “C”, while “5” represents her birthday, May 5.  With its polished production that still offers some soulful grittiness, “Love Me If You Can” is culled from her album Ready To Run.  The song speaks to mental health mainly of young adults and teens by encouraging them to love themselves first and then spread that love as well.  Fans of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and SZA will enjoy what Cmagic5 brings to the new music scene.