A glorious B-side is revisited with the reissue of “Arms Of Another” by @BrightLightx2


“Arms Of Another” is the latest single by Bright Light Bright Light, otherwise known as Rod Thomas, but it’s not a new song.  The NYC-based, Wales-born singer, songwriter and producer is about to release an album of “B-sides” called So Gay, So Dramatic (due June 25), and “Arms Of Another” is certainly one of the key highlights of that selection.  Originally released in late 2014 and newly remastered, it peaked at #6 on my chart, was in my Top 40 of that year, and has been popping up regularly on my stereo over the years.  It’s a timeless track featuring additional production by Jon Shave (who has worked with Darren Hayes among others), and harmonies by Millicent Blue and Sophie Galpin.  Do check out the new video up top, as well as my original blog post below (my original words still stand).