Electronic dance producer @BobbyNourmand continues to challenge listeners with “FADE” from new EP “Life On Mars”


Ever the experimentalist, progressive L.A.-based electronic dance producer maintains his groove but with a different vision now with the songs in his new EP Life On Mars, including “SANTO”, which I previously wrote about, and “FADE”. Bobby’s new music is heavily instrumental and big on atmosphere, and would be a video artist’s field day.  “FADE” is a song that would be a segue into the wee hours at a club, in preparation of what might come during a night out.  I can picture DJ’s playing it to reach just past the two minute mark, when the only words are uttered, in a whisper – just to get that moment of awestruck silence from the audience which would then be followed by cheers.  “FADE” is an enjoyable and very creative release with an undeniably hypnotic rhythm.