In “Punching Bag”, Brandyn Burnette @EMAN8 gets candid about post-relationship feelings


Breakups: we all have had them, and some are worse than others, after a longer period of time than others. Since the end of a previous long relationship, Brandyn Burnette has reflected to gather his thoughts about it in “Punching Bag”. Every relationship is different, so these are a unique set of lyrics that capture his perspective.  And you can’t just put on airs or trash the relationship in a pop song because neither approach works.  Brandyn has opted for some eloquence amid other direct words, including the title, because most people feel exactly like that in the same circumstances.  The melody is on the bright side and the song looks out for the better for both parties as they move on.  “Punching Bag” is probably one of Brandyn’s best recent songs, capturing the thoughtfulness of some of his earlier songs circa 2015-16 and continuing to show the diversity in the scope of his growing repertoire.  The video above has another interpretation of the song, which is the aftermath of a spat rather than a relationship.