Premiere house music vocalist @LeeWilsonmusic teams with producer El Funkador @FunkadorEl with cover of The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”

LEE WILSON and EL FUNKADOR, “Outstanding”

Talk about a blast from the past!  Lee Wilson and El Funkador have reworked The Gap Band’s funky 1983 R&B hit “Outstanding” into a fun classic house music jam.  It’s a great and unexpected choice, and you can hear why Lee is one of house music’s current go-to vocalists, having worked with Kenny Dope, Todd Terry and many other notables in the last five years.  His vocal is brisk and effortless and El Funkador’s production retains a soulful vibe while transforming the song into a summery house smash that oozes nothing but positive vibes.  “Outstanding” is a delightfully tasty treat with all of the right toppings, and a sweet change for the 2Dutch label.