“Kiss That” peppers a theme of obsession with R&B flavours by Norway’s F/L/P @flp_music

F/L/P, “Kiss That”

F/L/P is a new performer from Norway who is quickly coming into his own with the sensual and atmospheric “Kiss That”. Though he’s only released a few singles to date, F/L/P (otherwise known as Philip Dementiev) grew up surrounded by music that ran the gamut from classical to hip hop in a multi-cultural household raised by Russian parents.  Currently based out of Boston and attending Berklee College of Music, F/L/P uses his vocal astutely to alter the mood of “Kiss That”, from passionate to seductive to obsessive.  The production is carefully crafted, paying attention to fine details which make the backdrop really pop.  Though some of the lyrics sound a little cliché at times, “Kiss That” comes together nicely as a whole, making it well worth your attention.