Listen to reflective and reassuring “We Know Who We Are” by @SaidTheSky and @OlivverTheKid


“We Know Who We Are” is a brand new anthem for the sad boi/progressive electronica crowd courtesy of Said The Sky and Olivver The Kid.  Said The Sky (aka Denver-born Trevor Christensen) of course is part of the House of Illenium and played as part of Illenium’s band when I saw his show in September 2019, and “We Know Who We Are” is released on Illenium’s 12Tone label.  It’s got a friendly vocal by Olivver, and it’s a well-written and well-rounded song that takes the listeners through many reflective, happy, emotional times of the past, and then brings them back grounded and full of confidence with a huge singalong chorus.  With festivals and shows resuming, expect to be hearing “We Know Who We Are” regularly for the rest of the year.

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