Meet 19 year old singer/songwriter @LillianHepler with “I Only Love You When I’m Sad”

LILLIAN HEPLER, “I Only Love You When I’m Sad”

Lillian Hepler is a 19 year old singer/songwriter who grew up in Utah and Arizona, with artists like Taylor Swift, Adele and Justin Bieber as inspiration. So naturally, she followed them on social media and took their lead when developing her own social media identity, particularly through Instagram and Tik Tok.  She’s got a gentle, sincere voice and approach which is captured in her new single “I Only Love You When I’m Sad”.  It’s a reflective song about regret – unintentionally using someone as a safety net after a relationship, but not wanting that new relationship to go beyond friendship… and not articulating this to that person.  Lillian definitely has a flair for concise and direct songwriting, and listeners will easily understand her perspective and enjoy how she gets it all across musically.  Lillian Hepler is someone from whom you will certainly hear more very soon.