England’s @BenedictCork sings a relateable kiss off “Have A Good Life (See You Never)”

BENEDICT CORK, “Have A Good Life (See You Never)”

Who can’t relate to saying “Have A Good Life” to an ex? We’ve all been there, and some of the relationships have ended worse than others, but there are usually a number of common denominators – neglect, lies, money, etc.  UK singer/songwriter Benedict Cork nails “Have A Good Life (See You Never)” in his first (and quite well done) video above, with its common scenes of various release after the control of a relationship is gone.  It’s from his forthcoming EP Secrets I’ll Never Tell, which also features recent the single “All My Famous Friends”. Despite the subject matter, the song has a breezy melody with jaunty piano work, and a choral backdrop that represents all of our voices in a way and helps it become a singalong.

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