Meet new German dance producer Thandi with catchy deep house track “Monument”

THANDI, “Monument”

I enjoy discovering songs that are intent on leaving their mark on you in unique ways.  German producer Thandi is relatively new to the scene, with a bevy of singles released within the last year of so, and his latest is “Monument”.  It’s got a classic deep Eurohouse thump to it, but is full of subtler, more introspective moments.  In fact by the two minute mark the song goes a little too quiet before it steps back into its memorable chorus, so stick with it.  “Monument” is a metaphor for not always staying in the present. Even if some times have been tough in the past, there will always be signposts that you will remember. So don’t ignore the past, incorporate it into the present and balance out your memories with good and not-always-so-good. Thandi is also a singer and his sincere vocal helps make “Monument” even better.