Sweden’s @Darinofficial returns with first English-language song in several years “Can’t Stay Away”

DARIN, “Can’t Stay Away”

He focused more recently on recording songs in his native Swedish, but Darin Zanyar is now back with his first English language hit in about eight years with “Can’t Stay Away”. Checking back in my own blog pages, the last time out of several occasions where I wrote about his music was in 2014. The award-winning singer started as a teenager as the runner-up in Swedish Idol in the early 2000’s, and has had seven #1 albums in Sweden. And if this new song is any indication where he’s heading, it’s towards lighter dance pop than the darker drama of “Lovekiller” and “Breathing My Love” more than a decade ago. Musically and stylistically, “Can’t Stay Away” is full of fun Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake vibes, while lyrically it pushes the intrigue of a potential crush you don’t know if you should pursue.  It’s spry and refreshing, and I’m so very glad to be writing about Darin again!