Dance to this: “Shooting Stars” by @Widemodemusic with singer @KyraGrove10

WIDEMODE and KYRA GROVE, “Shooting Stars”

“Shooting Stars” is a rather unassuming European house track by Italian duo Widemode featuring California-based singer Kyra Grove that really takes hold when the instrumental hook takes hold. If you recall a huge worldwide hit from 2010 called “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya, then that to me is your comparison.  Like “Stereo Love”, “Shooting Stars” has a potent dreamy hook that is likely violin-sounding synthesizers.  It helps draw you into the lyrics, written by the three artists, which has designs on taking you on an adventure in love.  “Shooting Stars” is definitely one of those songs that makes you ask “hey, what is this song?” while you’re dancing the night away.