Check out the earnest pop flavours of “Let’s Stay Up” by Ireland’s @iamFourNights from the EP “Bed”

FOUR NIGHTS, “Let’s Stay Up”

Four Nights is the recording name for Ireland’s Tommy Buckley, and he has a refreshing, earnest pop sound for 2021. He writes direct, easy-to-digest songs without sugar-coating his ideas or compromising his storytelling ability. “Let’s Stay Up” is his latest song that appears on his new EP Bed. You can hear him confidently sing about what might be an otherwise awkward time for some when getting to know someone a bit better and pulling what hopefully might be a romantic all-nighter. “Let’s Stay Up” is a gracious tribute to those times which will become memorable even if they don’t turn out to be special.  I enjoy Tommy’s commitment to his pop style and encourage you not only to check out “Let’s Stay Up” but also the Bed EP, which also features my favourite song of his to date, “Want You Always”, which recently reached #8 on my personal chart.