“Life’s Okay” is one of the more unique songs of the year by Russian producer @Maravamusic and Canadian singer/songwriter #Eadie

MARAVA and EADIE, “Life’s Okay”

“Life’s Okay” is one of the year’s most unexpected treats. It’s an electronic dance tune that mixes in alt.soul vocals and pop melodies with sunny, positive vibes.  It’s brought to you by relatively new Russian producer Marava, who has the art of transformation up his sleeve and usually produces songs with a more progressive edge, and Toronto-based singer/songwriter Eadie, whose soulful Amy Winehouse-inspired voice stands out because she doesn’t quite sound like any current singer that I can think of right now.  The feel-good melody is what will draw you in to Eadie’s lyrics, which in the song’s chorus, beautifully delivered by the singer, will simply make you smile.  It’s refreshing to hear a dance song that doesn’t sound like what’s on the radio and isn’t full of bassy house beats, which you can attribute to Marava’s tidy production. “Life’s Okay” is a winner that should not be overlooked.