Emirati dance production duo @Revelriesmusic are back with the zesty house of “Heatwave”

REVELRIES, “Heatwave”

It’s been a hot moment since we’ve had music from Revelries, the Emirati dance producers who really hit their stride in 2019-20 with creative bangers like “Don’t Think Twice” (which reached #2 on my personal chart), “Fall-Out” (also #7 on my chart) and “End Up Like That”).  “Heatwave” doesn’t miss a step, a zesty house track that could fit in so well with any mid-evening house set in a club.  The uncredited female vocal is a fine match for the deep rhythms and beats, and Revelries are so good at always adding other sounds discretely into the mix that you don’t really notice how effective they are at rounding out the song until after two or three listens.