“Qué Bonita” is a lively dance release that bridges flamenco and house courtesy of producers True Religion and guitarist Juan Carmona


We’ve all been far too locked up in the pandemic, and “Qué Bonita” helps us all celebrate living life and having a great time. It’s brought to you by DJ duo True Religion (aka producer Danny Eagle and neuroscientist (!) Carlos Perez-Carracedo Lopez) and flamenco guitarist extraordinaire Juan Carmona. While perhaps relying on influences from the 90’s and 00’s – Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting For Tonight” comes immediately to mind – there are also loads of shades of 70’s disco with vocalist/co-writer Amy Gill sounding an awful lot like Pattie Brooks (“After Dark” from the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack) at times. And the long 7:48 mix (below) of “Qué Bonita” is definitely music to club DJ’s ears, making frequent segues in and out of Spanish rhythms while still packing the wallop of a deep house track. “Qué Bonita” has instant appeal and a great time, as planned, will be had by all.

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