Germany’s @thisisTheFatRat and Canadian singer/songwriter @iamRIELL take you to fanciful destinations in “Hiding In The Blue”

THEFATRAT and RIELL, “Hiding In The Blue”

“Hiding In The Blue” is an exceptional electronic dance release that straddles the line between future bass and fanciful, progressive-sounding pop/dance.  It’s not quite like anything else out there, which is a good thing, especially for fans of veteran German producer and You Tube star TheFatRat (Christian Büttner) and Canadian singer/co-writer RIELL. The sophisticated melody and arrangement take you on a sci-fi/fantasy ride into the sky, where it’s safe and everything is calm and right in the world while other forces terrorize your world and you wait for your lover to find you again and bring you home.  This is the stuff that cool movies and mini-series are made of, with instrumentation that sounds like it wants to transport you alternately backward and forward in time.  TheFatRat is accustomed to using powerful voices for his releases (such as Laura Brehm and Anjulie), and RIELL has been a familiar vocalist in the dance music genre for the last several years, so “Hiding In The Blue” ends up being a stellar showcase for them both.